Arkansas Association of Nigerians


Arkansas Association of Nigerians (AAN) is a non-profit organization that promotes unity, progress and love among Nigerians and others. Couple with the promotion of African cultures and the preservation of Nigerian heritage, AAN provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information about Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general.

AAN headquarters is in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. It is the place where all the executive, legislative and judicial functions of the organization are being carried out. And sometimes, AAN headquarters serves as a meeting point for social functions and gatherings amongst Nigerians.

The membership of AAN is open to all Nigerians residing in the State of Arkansas; and Arkansas non- resident Nigerians who maintain their financial obligations to the Association. It is a forum which every Nigerian needs to associate with as it is out there to protect the good interests of Nigerians both at home and in diaspora.
Since the formation of AAN, it has been providing mutual cooperation and understanding among its members and as well cooperating with other Nigerian groups in the State of Arkansas, United States and Nigeria. In addition to that, it has been maintaining an ongoing contact with the Nigerian Embassy in the United States.

In conclusion, AAN is a viable organization which has been growing from strength to strength, with the membership growing day in day out. It is an organization every Nigerian in diaspora should aspire to be a member.


About Us

  • Theophilus Adisa Odeniyi - President
  • Obi Alino - Vice President
  • Lady Caroline Okere - General Secretary
  • Emmanuel Okanume - Asst. Gen. Secretary
  • Dr. Joseph Onyilagha - Financial Secretary
  • Sylvester Egwim - Treasurer
  • Josephine Wakwe - Provost
  • Bridget Kanu - Director of Women Affairs
  • Dr. Moses Ejiofor - Chairman, AAN Supervisory Council